Friday, March 31, 2006

The illegal immigration issue is getting worse

After all the stories about the recent protests in support of illegal immigration, a story today caught my eye (link here).

In a Phoenix-area high school, a bunch of students tried to raise the Mexican flag over the school. Some other students saw them doing it, yanked it down, and burned it.

To the students who burned the Mexican flag, I say thank you. I know you will probably be disciplined for it, but the statement you made is worth far more than any punishment a school can give you. If you were my children, I would be proudly applauding your actions.

To the students who tried to raise the Mexican flag, I say welcome to America. If you like Mexico better, feel free to go back. If you still think part of our country was wrongfully taken from you, I have two words for you: San Jacinto. We kicked your butts before, and we can do it again if you try to pull that crap here.

To our politicians in Washington, I say you better pay attention. This issue is starting to raise tensions on both sides of it. Americans are getting angry, and your precious jobs are in jeopardy, regardless of what the minority hispanic vote wants. Tread carefully, but tread quickly.

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