Friday, June 02, 2006

Quote of the day

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing." - George S. Patton

Too often I hear liberals claiming we should not be in Iraq, we are causing people to die. This shows the limited vision of the modern day liberal.

If we can establish a working democracy in Iraq, and I will admit the jury is still out on that question, then the deaths are worthwhile. Even if we cannot, the deaths are still worthwhile because it is a worthy endeavor.

This is an experiment. If it works, it will lay the groundwork for future endeavors of this kind. If it fails, it means we will have to refine our methods in future endeavors. Either way, we will have accomplished something.

But the liberals don't see that. To the liberal, death is something to be avoided at all costs, regardless of the benefit to humanity. To the liberal, it is better to live in chains than to die for freedom.

To our soldiers in Iraq, I say to you: What you are doing is far greater than what our own Founding Fathers did. They risked their lives to gain their own freedom. You risk your lives to give freedom to others. God bless you and protect you, for you are truly the best mankind has to offer.

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