Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quote of the day

"When placed in command - take charge." - Norman Schwarzkopf

One of my issues with George W. Bush during his presidency is that I have never felt like he had taken charge. I have always had the nagging feeling this is a Cheney-Rumsfeld presidency.

When I hear Bush talk, I don't imagine him as a "take charge" leader. He reminds me more of a friendly pastor than a president.

When I hear Cheney or Rumsfeld talk, I can easily picture them in charge.

Mind you, I don't hate Bush, nor would I call this a failed presidency. But ask me again in ten years.


William R. Barker said...

No... I believe you're off base here.

Bush is DEFINITELY the boss. It's not only his personality, but his "mission" that REQUIRES him to be the boss.

Bush's problem...??? He confused trust with "trusting the RIGHT people" and he confuses determination with single-mindedness.

Also... to an extent... I'd guess the guy *is* intellectually lazy - or at the very least intellectually rigid.


EdMcGon said...

While I agree Bush has a stubborn side to him, can you honestly see him saying "no" to Cheney or Rumsfeld?

I am not saying they would out-stubborn him. I think they would convince him they are right.

William R. Barker said...

Yes, Ed, I can. In fact... you and I are diametrically opposed on this one.

What I couldn't imagine is Rumsfeld or Cheney saying "no" to Bush.