Thursday, June 04, 2009


Glenn Hall over at has an interesting take on the news that Wal-Mart plans to hire 22,000 people:
...Wal-Mart is borrowing from President Obama's playbook on optimism with [Wal-Mart's] Vice Chairman Eduardo Castro-Wright saying things like: "During this difficult economic time, we're proud to be able to create quality jobs for thousands of Americans this year."

Inspirational. Makes you want to shop at Wal-Mart, doesn't it? If a company cares enough about America to create jobs in this dismal economic climate, then by golly we should support it.

This well-timed news from Wal-Mart pushes all the right buttons.

It is genius to announce job creation plans ahead of the government report that showed 6.7 million Americans are collecting unemployment checks.

Wal-Mart also trumped today's retail sales reports, giving everyone something else to talk about instead of the fact that it is no longer reporting monthly sales figures.

From a marketing perspective, I have to agree with Mr. Hall. This is genius on Wal-Mart's part.

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