Thursday, October 22, 2009

The perfect description of our government's current efforts:

"Things will get better-despite our efforts to improve them." - Will Rogers


William R. Barker said...

Explain to me how things will get better?



Give me a credible outline of what you expect to happen over the next few years which will reverse encroaching socialism/fascism.

Oh... you notice... I used the "f" word - fascism.

Yep. That's the word Limbaugh is using - he's using the phrase socialist fascism - and point blank he's far more right than wrong.

Socialism is government taking over directly... fascism is government taking over (economic decisions of the private sector) indirectly...

I see both taking place. Don't you...???

Mussolini was determined to make the trains run on time... Obama is going to make the financial sector more "responsible," the industrial sector more "responsible."

If China is a mix of feudalism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, and military dictatorship, the U.S. is certainly being dragged upon a more socialist/fascistic path than even FDR envisioned.

The markets will crash - next year at the latest.

Stagflation will rear it's ugly head - next year at the latest.

And, hell, Ed... even if you pick "the best" year of Reagan's two terms or "the best" year of the Gingrich/Armey Republican Revolution, even from that vantage point you were being forced to look ahead at unsustainable debt and unfunded mandates mid and longterm.

(What I mean by that is even in those years where the budget was SUPPOSEDLY "balanced" for a photo shot of economic history, even then we knew Social Security and Medicare were heading towards bankruptcy.) (Right...???)

This is why I keep on calling for a military coup. I see NO way of escaping the inevitability of past and future bad decisions absent the kind of 180-degree social-economic-political shock therapy that ONLY a true dictatorship could bring about and enforce.

Hey... as I've always said, I'm not talking about a dictatorship as the be all and end all. No. I'm saying that ever since the Constitution was basically trampled (pick a date: 1860? The progressive era of TR? The Wilson presidency? The New Deal? The Great Society?) it was at THAT point that we lost the American Republic as envisioned by the Founders.

Ed. What we call "democracy" today is the work of the Founders distorted beyond recognition.

Yes... a military coup... four or five years of dictatorship... a NEW Constitution... a RETURN to REPUBLICAN government as opposed to oligarchy and kleptocracy... that's what I'm calling for.

Ed. Look around. "Democracy" as it currently exists is a failure. It's continuation spells doom for our children and their children.

Ed. Spin me a REALISTIC tale of how you believe "things will get better" in a meaningful sense absent overthrow of the current corrupt system?


EdMcGon said...

Bill, you will note that Will Rogers did NOT specify WHEN things will get better. Only that they will.

Look at it this way: Our government's efforts to "improve" things will only delay their inevitable improvement, possibly by decades or longer.

Even the Soviet Union fell. Is there any reason to think our current leaders are any less incompetent than those in the old USSR? ;)

William R. Barker said...

As near as I can tell... that "answer" was... er... NOT an answer.

Well, that's pretty much what I figured I'd get.



EdMcGon said...

Ok Bill, you asked, "Explain to me how things will get better?"

I'll give you a more specific answer, since you didn't understand what I said. The U.S. government has two choices: Improve for the better, or end. Since the first possibility is unlikely, that only leaves the second possibility. And I consider that a good thing, even if it will mean a hard adjustment period in the middle.

William R. Barker said...
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EdMcGon said...

Bill, you want to try that comment again? You get nasty on my blog, and I WILL delete your comment.

William R. Barker said...

Nope, Ed, no interest in repeating the comment.

The thread speaks for itself.


EdMcGon said...

You're right Bill. You see only catastrophe ahead, with absolutely no thought to what happens afterwards. I at least can see beyond that, even if I may not live to experience it.

William R. Barker said...


I should - and will - allow you the last word since this is indeed your blog.


First - my final comment:

You won't answer the question because you can't.

Again... bottom line... you haven't answered the question and it appears you won't - because you can't.

Now, Ed... feel free to ramble on. I won't be revisiting this thread, though, so whatever you write at this point will be a tree falling in the forest which no one hears.

I gave you your chance. You refused to take it.

Hey... it doesn't make you a "bad" person, Ed. A man's gotta know his limitations and you know yours. My only annoyance... you try (and fail) to paint it otherwise.

Ed. If only you would quite while you're behind. (Seriously dude!)

(If you insist on replying, feel free to email me a copy of your remarks, but I'm done wasting time and effort on this thread.)


EdMcGon said...

You won't answer the question because you can't.

Bill, did you spend too much time in the Key West sun? I did answer your question. I'll repeat the answer:
The U.S. government has two choices: Improve for the better, or end. Since the first possibility is unlikely, that only leaves the second possibility. And I consider that a good thing, even if it will mean a hard adjustment period in the middle.

After the "adjustment period", we will come out improved on the other end. Read: better.

If you're looking for specifics on how we will be better off, I can't give them. I'm not a prophet. But I do know that history shows us again and again that nations rise, fall, then rise again.

If you choose not to come back to this thread, that's up to you.