Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop the country! I wanna get off!

Headlines from Drudge:
Climategate: 'Greatest scandal in modern science'...
Call for Congressional investigation...
Paper: Junk science exposed among climate-change believers...

And the pièce de résistance:
Obama: 'Step closer' to climate deal...
Can our glorious leader be any more clueless? NO HE CAN'T!


William R. Barker said...


You know as well as I do that "cluelessness" isn't the problem.

Nope. Obama's policies - Pelosi's and Reid's policies - are deliberate assaults upon the social, economic, and political pillars of our national sovereignty.

Obama doesn't LIKE "our" America. Neither does Pelosi. (Reid... I truly think it's more about "Reid" to Reid; it's self-interest, not ideology.)

Oh, sure... there is a great deal of stupidity thrown in. Stupidity and ignorance.


I'm sure that like me, you know - and indeed in most respects like - plenty of people who deliberately turn a blind eye to reality because they've got it in their heads that by BELIEVING something is true that makes it true.

Ed. Many folks WANT to believe themselves "good" and "selfless" and following the liberal line is their path.

Hey... you know how you and I totally DISAGREE about trade and "buy American?"

While I totally disagree with you I still "get" where you're coming from, just as I'm guessing you "get" where I'm coming from.

Libs however...

Well... a lib is someone who has a "Union Yes" sticker on his foreign car's bumper.


Rob is a classic lib. He can't even bring himself to admit Obama and Holder have THEMSELVES admitted that the "KSM" trial is going to be a show trial and that nothing - including the civil rights Rob claims to cherish - will stand in the way of "KSM" being kept in custody no matter what.


Ed. The hypocrisy and self-deception inherent in modern American "liberalism" knows no bounds.


EdMcGon said...

True enough.