Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rudy vs. Barack in 2008?

According to a survey by Quinnipiac University, when asked about their feelings toward certain political figures, people rated Rudy Giuliani and Barack Obama higher than anyone else. Could this be an omen for the 2008 presidential election?

One thing working against Obama is his percentage of people who don't know enough about him to rate him, 41%. By comparison, Giuliani's "unknowns" were only 9%.

If Obama can generate a lot of positive PR (which should not be too difficult with the liberal Media), he might even knock Hillary Clinton from her perch.

Below is a listing of potential candidates, with the "unknown" rating in parentheses (I am excluding other political figures who cannot or have no announced intentions to run, such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Nancy Pelosi):
1) Rudolph Giuliani - 64.2. (9)
2) Sen. Barack Obama 58.8 (41)
3) Sen. John McCain 57.7 (12)
7) NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg - 51.1 (44)
8) John Edwards - 49.9 (20)
9) Sen. Hillary Clinton - 49 (1)
10) N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson - 47.7 (65)
11) Sen. Joseph Biden 47 (52)
13) Gov. Mitt Romney - 45.9 (64)
14) Former VP Al Gore - 44.9 (3)
16) Sen. Evan Bayh - 43.3 (75)
17) Newt Gingrich - 42 (15)
20) Sen. John Kerry - 39.6 (5)

Don't count McCain out. He certainly put in a good showing, even if he was only third.

As for Hillary, she is in an awful position. Unless she can change the way a lot of people already view her, she will lose the middle to any of the GOP candidates. Obama could possibly steal the Democrats from her.

If the 2008 presidential campaign were a horse race, I would say Giuliani vs. McCain is too close to call yet for the GOP nomination. For the Democratic nomination, I would say Obama has an early lead over Clinton, but we don't know how he will do on the long track of presidential politics.


Anonymous said...

The three headed race:

Clinton v. McCain v. Daniel Imperato .

Daniel Imperato, an independent from Florida, I think can mount a serious campaign to those two and could be building some powerful allies right now.

EdMcGon said...

While I find some of Imperato's ideas intriguing, his idea about reducing the U.S. nuclear stockpile is irrelevant at best, if not downright stupid.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that Senator Obama is too young, being that he is only two years into the Senate. I think that in 2012 or 2016 he could make a great candidate, however, for 2008 the obvious choice for Obama supporters who think he is just two inexperienced is Senator Evan Bayh Of Indiana. Senator Bayh is a former Seceratary Of State in Indiana as well as a two term governor. He is the youngest governor in state history. He strongly opposes all of the negative advertising from many candidates and is for a "straight talk" Pro Bayh campaign. He is very Bayh/bi-partisan and middle of the road, much like President Clinton. Senator Bayh is extremely fiscally responsible, shows great international policies, is very smart and articulate, as well as that he drags a very conservative red region that could possibly make the difference in the general election. I am yet to start talking about his 21st Centuries Scholars program that gives all children a chance for a college scholorship as well as he has done much much more, he has the experience and leadership skills neccesary and I think he is a wise choice. If your interested there are some great clips and information on him on;; as well on his Senatorial website.

EdMcGon said...

Sounds like Bayh has potential, but I still don't know enough about him to say whether or not he would make a good candidate.

But thanks for chiming in! :)

Anonymous said...

for info on Bayh check out

William R. Barker said...


Obama is not... repeat, NOT... going to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2008.

Is there a good chance Obama will be the Dem's VICE presidential nominee in 2008? YES.

I'd say the LIKELIEST Dem tickets for 2008 are Gore/Clinton, Gore/Obama, Clinton/Obama, or Clinton/Edwards.

So it is written... so must it become fact.



Myrhaf said...

Hillary Clinton has the money and the organization. Her husband built contacts with important Democrats in every county in America. Plus she holds the promise to be "the first woman President," a powerful ideal to New Leftist Democrats. The MSM will write hagiographies of her and ignore past scandals such as Whitewater and the cattle futures. She will get the nomination.

Then, whoever is the Republican nominee, Hillary will be wiped out in the general election. It will be the biggest rout since Reagan demolished Mondale in 1984. Hillary is a cold, unlikable woman who does not appeal to independents and makes Republicans want to work 25 hours a day to defeat her. I see the Clinton machine grinding the Democrats towards a disaster.

McCain, Romney and Giuliani are staying up at night, mumbling to their pillows, "Please, let it be Hillary. Please, let it be Hillary..."

EdMcGon said...

Plus she holds the promise to be "the first woman President," a powerful ideal to New Leftist Democrats.

"First black president" isn't exactly lower on the Leftist totem pole. ;)

Chip from Georgia said...

Obama worrys me a bit. As you pointed out, the MSM is falling over themselves to lay palm fronds before him as he makes his way towards Jerusalem. This guy has everything required to make him the liberal media darling of 08. He's young and, I take it, attractive. (anybody remember that Time cover after the 92 elections featuring Clinton and Gore in profile with the heading "Young Guns"?), I never, NEVER underestimate the publics ability to make political decisions based on such superficial silliness. Think "Gap Employees for Obama". He's largely untested politically, but in the doublethink (TM) of the MSM this will simply equate with not bringing negative baggage like Hillary's connection to Bill or say Harold Ford's corrupt family history. And then, as also mentioned, he's black AND smooth as silk. I'm betting all that adds up to a NYT endorsement when the day comes. I just hope to hell we come up with someone more inspiring than McCain to counter this Obama Mania. How's about Gingrich/Santorum 08?

EdMcGon said...

I would be the first person to vote for Newt, but I'm not sure he's electable on a national stage.

William R. Barker said...

Chip and Ed,

Newt is NOT... repeat... NOT... going to be on the Republican presidential ticket in 2008.

Fairly or unfairly, he's damaged goods. Personally... professionally... the Democrats and the MSM succeeded in demonizing him beyond repair long ago.

Would Newt make a FANTASTIC Chief of Staff to a Republican president? Damn straight. Would Newt make a GREAT U.S. Ambassador to the UN? Damn straight! Would Newt honorably and effectively serve this country in a variety of APPOINTED positions? Yep. No doubt.

But Newt for President...? Not gonna happen.

Would I LIKE it to happen? DAMN STRAIGHT! (*GRIN*) That said... it's NOT gonna happen.


William R. Barker said...

Oh... and speaking of "US Ambassadors to the UN..."

How I wish Bush would... disappear. I don't want him dead... but how'bout a sudden comma that would last until 2009 and then he'd come out of it and be fine? (Yeah, yeah... wishful thinking.)

President Cheney! Yeah! That's the ticket! (A man can dream, can't he?)

Bush had a YEAR to get Bolton confirmed. He failed. Just as he's failed at so many things.

I'm just absolutely disgusted with Bush.


Imagine there's no George Bush,
It's easy if you try...
No out of control fed spending,
No reason for conservatives to cry...
Imagine there's no George Bush,
Serving... as President... TODAY...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

You may say I'm a turncoat,
But I'm not the only one...
I pray with Ed for a Third Party,
Where conservatives can make things right...!

EdMcGon said...

Didn't I just say Newt is NOT electable? :P

BTW, Neal Boortz is holding a contest for people to rewrite the words to "Imagine". I see you are off to a good start. :)

William R. Barker said...

Yes, Ed... you said Newt wasn't "electable."

I ADDED that Newt wasn't even a viable NOMINEE.



* Bottom line... we agree Newt's not gonna be President anytime soon.