Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thoughts on the election results

Even though I voted for a lot of Libertarians, and none of them won, I still feel good about the results from yesterday's election.

GOVERNOR: I was glad to see Governor Sonny Perdue win re-election. He has been a decent governor, so he earned it.

There is another way to look at it though: Think of all those poor states out there that just elected Democratic governors. Now that they have taken the first step on the path to socialism, Georgia should see more business coming our way. Thanks folks!

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT: Congratulations to David Chastain. His 5.1%, and 99,000 plus votes, as a Libertarian candidate was higher than any other Libertarian in a statewide race.

Even though incumbent Republican Kathy Cox won easily with 59% of the vote, this should be considered a gentle nudge to her. Kathy has done well, but she could do better.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: One of the few races where I voted for the winner, incumbent Democrat Thurbert Baker.

When I hear the liberal Media moan about Harold Ford losing because a black man cannot win in the South, I immediately think of Thurbert Baker, who quietly does an outstanding job and keeps getting re-elected. Baker doesn't have Ford's "playboy" image.

A black man CAN win in the South. He just has to be competent. Not that competency is important to the liberal Media.

EMINENT DOMAIN: As libertarian PSC candidate Kevin Cherry pointed out yesterday, the eminent domain amendment really doesn't restrict the government much, but I was still glad to see it pass. This just means we have to keep pounding the state government for more eminent domain protection.

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER: The two PSC positions up for election had some strong showings for Libertarians, with one of the positions possibly going to a run-off election. Both Paul MacGregor and Kevin Cherry pulled in the second and third most totals of any Libertarian candidate in the state. Keep trying guys.

GENERAL COMMENTS: Libertarians need to make some inroads in local politics. Frankly, I see too many local politicians going unopposed. Maybe local politics isn't glamorous, but you have to pay your dues. Show the electorate that you can get the job done on a small scale, and then they will trust you with a bigger scale.

This was a perfect election for Libertarians to get a foothold, and they blew it.

"All politics is local." - Thomas P. O'Neill


William R. Barker said...

Your voting pattern... my voting pattern... yet more anedotal evidence that in the long run the Republican Party has no chance against the Democrats. The simple reason? Too many Republicans - as opposed to Democrats - will vote their conscience over their partisanship.

That's a GENERAL statement. That's a comment concerning PERCENTAGES.

Listen... there's plenty of Ralph Nader Dems who will vote Green over Jackass. There are plenty of true CONSERVATIVE libertarian leaning Republicans who will vote for a Ross Perot over a George Bush Sr.

But sheer numbers...??? Percentages...??? Actual election results...? The "Principle Over Party Wing" of the Republican base is far larger and seemingly more willing to cut off its respective nose to spite their respective face than our liberal Democratic opponents are to "go over to the enemy" in the service of theoretical ideological "purity."


EdMcGon said...

The alternative is to vote a straightline ticket no matter what the party does. Then, the party owes us nothing because they know they will get our vote anyway.

William R. Barker said...

HUH? You lost me, Ed. (*SCRATCHING MY HEAD*)

The alternative to WHAT...???

And what does that have to do with my original comment??? (*STILL SCRATCHING MY HEAD*)

I'm pretty sure you agree with what I wrote yesterday... but your response... seriously... I'm not quite sure what you're saying.


EdMcGon said...

The alternative to "Principle Over Party".

If the Republicans refuse to lead the way we both know they should, I will take my vote down the street to the Libertarians. If the Democrats end up winning, maybe the Republicans will read the writing on the wall.

William R. Barker said...

But, Ed... I told you all this MONTHS ago. Anyway... I take it that basically you now agree with me that the "2006" Republican Congress had to be thrown out of power even at the risk of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

As to my ORIGINAL post on this thread... I'm still shaking my head - not sure whether you disagree with my points or not. (*SMILE*) Oh, well...


EdMcGon said...

There is an old saying: "Silence is consent." If I ain't disagreeing, I must be agreeing. ;)

As for throwing the Republicans out of power, it had to be done in the right way. Just voting Democrat doesn't tell them anything. Or even worse, it sends the GOP the wrong message (that they need to be more liberal).

At least by voting Libertarian, you can show the GOP that you are serious about wanting smaller government.