Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Team Rankings

Only the playoff teams and non-playoff teams (indicated with an asterisk) ranked above them are shown:


Patriots: The only team that can beat the Pats is themselves.


Cowboys: Their loss to the Skins made their season series a wash. But Cowboys fans should be concerned because this team looked flat.


Jaguars: They beat the Texans back when they had something to play for.


Steelers: The Steelers did beat the Ravens when it counted. That said, losing to the Ravens does not bode well for their playoff chances.
*Browns: The best team not to make the playoffs.
Redskins: No bump for the Skins win over the Cowboys because the game was meaningless to the Cowboys. But they still have the most momentum going into the playoffs.
*Vikings: They overachieved this year. However, they will still be a team to watch next year.
*Eagles: The Eagles played well when the games meant nothing. They should be a terror in the preseason next year.
*Bills: In the NFC, this team would be dangerous. In the AFC, they're just another also-ran.
*Lions: Something is just wrong with this team. There is no team chemistry, but lots of talent.
*Bears: I have to give Lovie Smith credit. Getting 7 wins out of a team with no passing game, no running game, and an aging defense, is pretty darned impressive. Of course, having Devin Hester doesn't hurt either.
Titans: Beating the Colts with Jim Sorgi under center doesn't get you any credit.
*Texans: The Texans need to fill a few holes, but they are in the toughest division in the NFL.
*Broncos: I think Jay Cutler could be a great quarterback, but the Broncos need a running game. The "plug in no-name running back" running game didn't work this year. They also need a defense desperately.
Buccaneers: The Bucs split the season series with the Panthers, so no moves here. That said, they have to be considered THE least impressive team entering the playoffs this year.

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