Monday, December 31, 2007

Pigskin Pick'em - NFL Week 17 Results

We have two winners this week! Yours truly (of course) and David Stefanini:
EdMcGon - 12
David Stefanini - 12

Bill Barker - 11
Robert A. George - 9
Audio Dave - 8

As for the YTD standings, no great shocks here:
EdMcGon(4.5) - 152
David Stefanini(2.5) - 145
Robert A. George(2) - 143
Bill Barker(1) - 123
J. Mark English(1) - 114
Audio Dave(2.5) - 84
FunkyPundit(0.5) - 76
BL(2) - 74
SoloD(1) - 53
Dave O'Leary - 21
Rigel - 17
Jay - 9
Snave - 8
Mike - 8
Moose - 2

With only 11 playoff games left, and an overwhelming 7 game lead, I have decided to call the Pigskin Pick'em season officially over. However, I have decided to begin the Pigskin Playoffs! Here are the new rules:

1. The top six pickers from the regular season (EdMcGon, David Stefanini, Robert A. George, Bill Barker, J. Mark English, and Audio Dave) are all in the playoffs. Like in the real playoffs, everyone starts from 0. Anyone else is welcome to pick the games, but only the top six from the regular season will be counted towards the final score.
2. Pick the straight-up winners of all this weeks NFL playoff games. Picks will be accepted in the comments section of the following websites: Politics and Pigskins, Ragged Thots, and American Legends. All picks must be posted by the kickoff of the first NFL playoff game each week (otherwise known as "The Barker Rule").
3. The person who has the most playoff picks correct by the end of the Super Bowl gets...bragging rights! (you knew that was coming, didn't you?)

Good luck, and let the new season begin!

1 comment:

William R. Barker said...

Hmm... I don't know, Ed... (*SMILE*)

You're SUPPOSEDLY "Mr. Sports," yet... "Mr. Comic" came in within single digits of you. (*WINK*) Same with Mr. Stefanini. (*GRIN*)

I myself came in a legitimate forth - out of the medal round - no matter how you slice it. Even adding the 14 games (total) you denied me wins for based on late entry, I would still only have been at 137.

I'm surprised J. Mark didn't do better - did he miss making his picks any weeks???

How'bout Audio Dave, Funky Pundit, and BL? They must have missed quite a few postings, huh - or not...???

Enjoy your bragging rights (*GRIN*) while they last, Ed! Now comes the play-offs...