Monday, January 18, 2010

Done with Democrats

I am over the whole Democratic Party. For the life of me, I can see no virtue in that political party. Not one.

Even the most conservative Democrat (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) is not worth the trouble of voting for, especially on the national level. Why would you vote for anyone who would allow someone like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid to remain in a position of power?

As for Barack Obama, I never imagined the American public could elect another president worse than Jimmy Carter. I stand corrected.

But for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid to carry on with this travesty of a health care bill, as people remain out of work, is either shockingly stupid, or deviously brilliant. Because the benefits of the bill don't come until 2014 (at the earliest), that leads me to believe they are more on the "shockingly stupid" side, since none of them will get any political gains from this legislation. Going on the campaign trail with, "just wait, you're about to get something really nice", doesn't sell well with people who are out of work.

That doesn't even consider the fact they will be increasing taxes immediately to pay for the Health Care Monstrosity That Ate the United States, AND they are doing this in the middle of a recession! This is a display of intelligence which would be the envy of the fur growing in the bottom of my trash can.

So until I have some reason for hope (an election would be nice), I am done criticizing the federal government. I am done blogging about these fools. It is like the old saying about teaching a pig to sing: Don't try it, because it just frustrates you, and irritates the pig.

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