Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Bowl Prediction

With the conference championship games this weekend, it is time for me to make a Super Bowl prediction.

The best game this weekend will easily be the Colts against the Jets. While this game could go either way, I lean towards the Jets for these reasons:
1. Offensive line: The Jets O-line may be the best in the NFL. The last time I saw a line that got that kind of push in the running game was the Cowboys back in the 90's.
2. Defense: Evil, wicked, mean, and nasty. Gotta love 'em! Seriously, they play a style of defense I haven't seen since the Ravens earlier this decade, minus the Ray Lewis star power. There isn't a star in this bunch. This is a true blue-collar defense with an attitude. And in the playoffs, I cling to the old adage: Defense wins championships.
3. Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez: No, he is NOT Peyton Manning. At this point in his career, he is more comparable to Trent Dilfer in 2000 for the Ravens: A great game manager who can give you a big play occasionally to keep the opposing defense honest.
4. Buddy's boy Rex Ryan: Next to Mike Singletary, Rex is my favorite head coach in the NFL. As bombastic as his father, Rex may be the most hated coach in the NFL. But I love his style, and apparently so do his players. But I think too many people look at his style, and overlook Rex's defensive genius. Before his career is over, I suspect people will be mentioning him in the same breath as guys like Buddy Ryan and Bill Parcells. Yes, he is that good.
5. The Big "Mo": The Jets are coming into this game looking like a team on a roll. Momentum is a dangerous thing in the playoffs. Just ask the Steelers, who last year had the "mo" and beat teams who had better seasons. Just ask the Cardinals, who barely slipped into the playoffs last year, but just managed to get enough "mo" to carry them to the Super Bowl.

When I look at the Colts, I see one thing: Peyton Manning. Don't get me wrong, Manning could be enough to beat the Jets. Just look to what Dan Marino did to a similar Bears team on a Monday night back in 1985. Never underestimate the ability of a great quarterback to bring a win at any time. And Manning is loudly making his case for the Hall of Fame with his stellar play.

However, in a game between a great player versus a great team, I'll take the team. JETS OVER COLTS BY 4 POINTS.

In the NFC, this game requires no deep analysis. The Cowboys and Cardinals had no business being in games against the Vikings and Saints, respectively. That said, the Saints won't make things as easy for the Vikings defense as the Cowboys boneheaded offensive gameplan did. Expect Drew Brees to sit back and shoot the Vikings down with a vicious short-passing game. On the other side, the Saints will stuff Adrian Peterson all day, forcing the-quarterback-who-retired-and-came-back-and-retired-and-came-back into beating them with his arm. In a battle between Favre and Brees, I'll take Brees. SAINTS OVER VIKINGS BY 3 POINTS.

Finally, in the Super Bowl, expect the Jets in the biggest upset since, dare I say... Joe Namath? JETS OVER SAINTS BY 11 POINTS.


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Jets...! Jets...!! JETS...!!!

diamond dave said...

Hmmm... the Saints seem to have a lot of trouble stopping the run, so Peterson may well give them problems. If the Vikings can play keep-away from the Saints offense and Brees, grind it out with Peterson with a few well-placed third-down throws by Favre, the Vikings may very well end up in the Super Bowl. Of course, Favre may throw four interceptions in the first half, and the Saints run away with the game. You never know with Favre, he's always the wild-card. Trouble is the Vikes don't have to rely on him, they can win it by establishing a running game.

Jets-Colts? Like the Jets defense, but thoroughly unimpressed by the offense. The Colts have momentum of their own, and I see Peyton taking this one. But if Peyton picks this game to choke (doubtful, but could happen)then the Jets may very well take this one.

EdMcGon said...

I would agree with you, except a LOT of teams that play against the Vikings stack their defenses and force the Vikes to win with Favre's arm. If the Saints are smart, they will do the same thing. If the Saints pass defense can force Favre into mistakes, they can win.

As for the Jets offense, it's not an offense that will put up big numbers on anyone. EXCEPT for their running game. And I don't think the Colts defensive line matches up well with the Jets offensive line. I think the Jets will run all over the Colts, thereby keeping Manning off the field.

All that said, I expect a low-scoring game, with the Jets burning clock with their running game at the end.