Friday, December 23, 2005

Dennis Green to the Raiders?

I was over at (a great website by the way, although the popups are deadly) today, and caught a little story they had on Dennis Green (head coach of the Cardinals) wanting to leave Arizona:

"As we hear it, the thinking is that Green wants to hit the market in a year when there are too many seats and not enough qualified rear ends to fill them. We also have a feeling that Denny might have his eyeballs on the looming vacancy in Oakland, where Norv Turner most likely will be out the door." (

As a Raider fan, I hated the Norv Turner hire from the very beginning. Turner proved he couldn't coach when he was with the Redskins. With a virtual pro bowl team, the best Turner could do was squeak into the playoffs and immediately lose.

As for Dennis Green? I doubt he would win a Super Bowl with any team. However, I also think he can win games and go deep into the playoffs if you give him enough talent. He had Minnesota on the doorstep. He has clearly improved the Cardinals.

I am willing to give Green a shot with the Raiders. I'm just tired of losing baby.

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