Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fantasy Football Keeper League Review/Preview: QB's

Now that the fantasy football playoffs have ended, and I won my keeper league championship, I thought I would share my views about the players on my roster. Starting with the QB's:

DAUNTE CULPEPPER: After a dismal beginning, Daunte showed brief flashes of his abilities against the Saints and the Packers (although you have to consider it was the Saints and the Packers). Then he got hurt, and he has been riding my IR since then.

I still think he can put up big numbers when he plays within himself, instead of trying to do too much. That said, I am not sure WHERE he will be next year. There are a ton of rumors flying around about possible trades to Arizona or Miami. However, Zygi Wilf seems to like Culpepper, so I am not sure.

No matter where Culpepper ends up, it may be another year or two before we see the old Culpepper, since he'll be spending the better part of next year rehabbing his knee.

All things considered, he is still a keeper based on potential alone. Just don't expect great things next year.

KERRY COLLINS: I picked him up last year only because I didn't think Rich Gannon would finish the season. Plus I thought Collins would be a good fit with the Raiders. I was right, and I was wrong.

Gannon retired. Collins stepped in and looked good, bordering on great. Randy Moss came to the Raiders this year, and for the first three weeks, Collins looked like he could be "da man" for me. Unfortunately, he was awful against the Cowboys and the Chargers. After that, he was a spot starter for me, and just barely a good one at that.

Going forward, Collins will never be a great QB. Stopping Collins is easy: Blitz him.

However, he does have good games occasionally. If he ends up starting next year (with Oakland or elsewhere), he is worth keeping just for spot starts or if your starter gets hurt (see Culpepper above). If he ends up with a team that has him as a 2nd stringer, consider the health of the starter before dumping him (and whether you have a better option at QB).

Current rumors have the Eagles and the Jets interested in him. If he goes to the Jets, he's worth keeping. With the Eagles, he might be worth keeping, depending on whether you have a better option.

MARK BRUNELL: After I saw how bad Culpepper was playing in the first week, I started Collins in the second week. My only other backup was David Carr (see below), so I decided I needed another backup.

After Brunell's game against the Cowboys in week 2 (291 yards, 2 td's), I decided to give him a shot. When Collins had a bye in week 5, I went to Brunell, who did not disappoint (322 yards and 2 td's vs. Broncos).

After Collins disappointed me in week 6, I tried Brunell as my starter. He was either very hot (252 yards and 3 td's vs. 49ers) or very cold (65 yards and 1 int vs. Giants). For the rest of the season, I ended up playing musical QB's between Collins, Brunell, Carr (just one start), and Mike McMahon (also one start).

Going forward, Brunell is getting old. He may be good for one more season in Washington. Even then, he is a spot starter at best. I'll keep him with an eye towards getting rid of him.

DAVID CARR: I still think Carr has the potential to be a great QB. WHEN HE HAS PROTECTION! The Texans offensive line is wretched.

I only started him once this year. Collins was benched, Brunell had looked bad for several weeks, and my only other option was Mike McMahon ('nuff said). The sad thing was Carr was the right choice that week with 116 yards and 1 td vs. Titans.

My main hope for Carr is that Dan Reeves does NOT get the Texans job. Reeves can make great QB's look mediocre (see John Elway).

MIKE MCMAHON: I picked up McMahon on the off chance he might do well in the Eagles system. WRONG!

He had a decent performance vs. Giants (298 yards passing, 31 yards rushing, 1 pass td and 1 rush td), so I gave him a start against the Packers. 91 yards passing and 29 yards rushing later, with no td's, I realized he was as iffy as any of my QB's, maybe more so.

McMahon will be gone at the start of next season. Even if I have to start Earl Morrall.

SUMMARY: My QB's next year will probably be Culpepper, Carr, Brunell (if he is still starting), and maybe Collins (if he lands in a good situation).

This is assuming I don't draft a QB, which is a possibility, although I draft 10th in the first round. The QB pickings will be slim. Even if I get a decent QB, odds are he won't be more than a spot starter at the end of the 2006 season, if that. More likely I'd have to wait until 2007 to see any production.

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