Monday, December 26, 2005

Why I hate Alaska

Let me state that I have NOTHING against the people of Alaska, EXCEPT they sent Don Young to Congress. Young, the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, is robbing the American taxpayers (except those in Alaska).

This coming fiscal year, the state of Alaska will have over a $1 billion budget SURPLUS. Yet, we are still sending more pork to Alaska than ANY other state.

From Citizens Against Government Waste, Alaska was the 2005 pork king, receiving over $645 million in pork. That's $984 per capita. Second place in per capita was D.C., with $464. In overall pork, Hawaii was second with over $573 million.

By comparison, New York got over $393 million and California got over $237 million. That means Alaska got more pork than New York and California COMBINED!

I am NOT against pork for Alaska. I AM against pork for ANY state. I was against it when Robert Byrd made West Virginia's highways the pride of the nation. I was against it when Zell Miller bragged about bringing fire trucks to my state, Georgia (why the heck can't we pay for our own fire trucks?).

From my perspective, Alaska is gorging itself at the public trough.

To the people of Alaska: Don Young is up for re-election in 2006. Until he is voted out of office, I will continue bashing Alaska. I will also look for ANY dirt I can find on Don Young.

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