Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Selling your soul for global warming

I know some of you are still NOT convinced global warming is complete b.s.

Maybe John Stossel can convince you? In his editorial today, "A Convenient Lie", Stossel takes on the biggest crock of bull going around today.

Stossel begins with an outstanding point:
"When he was in college, atmospheric-science professor John Christy was told, "it was a certainty that by the year 2000, the world would be starving and out of energy."

That prediction has gone the way of so many others.

Stossel ends with an even better point:
"The fundamentalist doom-mongers ignore scientists who say the effects of global warming may be benign. Harvard astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas says added carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may actually benefit the world because more CO2 helps plants grow. Warmer winters would give farmers a longer harvest season.

Why don't we hear about this part of the global warming argument?

"It's the money!" says Dr. Baliunas. "Twenty-five billion dollars in government funding has been spent since 1990 to research global warming. If scientists and researchers were coming out releasing reports that global warming has little to do with man, and most to do with just how the planet works, there wouldn't be as much money to study it."

And the politicians would have one less excuse to take control of our lives.

Global warming is more big government tripe designed to scare you into selling your soul to the socialist Satan.


Myrhaf said...

The more you think about it, the more absurd environmentalist hysteria is. George Reisman points out that environmentalists are willing to enact massive regulations based on their ability to predict the weather for the next 100 years. Their entire program depends on keeping people scared regardless of logic or facts. If public schools did a better job of educating Americans to think critically, environmentalism would be laughed at.

EdMcGon said...

Welcome back Myrhaf!

You hit the nail on the head with that comment.

The thing that really scares me is they have PSA's for global warming now. Nothing like a good PSA to really dumb-down the people.