Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I hate techies!

Sorry I did not post yesterday, but having a rough day at work. I will have more of the same today. The reason? Network techies. (I apologize for the technical nature of this post, but I need to vent)

I do a lot of work with databases. So whenever there is a network issue, it affects me.

While I appreciate the network techies are understaffed and overpaid, every time they do something to the network at work, I end up with a new unexpected project. It can be as simple as having to remap my co-workers desktop shortcuts. Or it can be as hard as changing links in the code I have in ALL of my databases.

This past weekend, they migrated a server. It would have been no big deal, but they changed the address. Ironically, the email they sent Friday said the migration would be "transparent". One of my co-workers put it best: "Transparent? Yeah, I can't see shit!"

Before you ask, "Why didn't they change the network mapping?", here is the problem: They change the network mapping ALL THE TIME! If my G: drive points to address "A" today, it will point to address "B" tomorrow. In order to avoid this constant problem, I have had to use "my network places" to map addresses on every pc, as well as in the code and various links I use.

Did I mention the mapped network drives are different on a lot of pc's? I am so glad they set up this networking for consistency across all pc's.

Did I mention I hate network techies?

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