Friday, October 27, 2006

Liberal racism

Mary Katharine Ham over at has a commentary about liberal racism today. Personally, I could not agree more with her.

With their zealous hatred of all things conservative, liberals show their true colors with their "no holds barred" attacks on conservatives, making generalizations that would make a KKK member blush. If you are a black Republican, you must be an "oreo" (black on the outside, white on the inside, as though being white was somehow a bad thing). I won't even go into all the nasty things they have said about Condi "Aunt Jemima" Rice (their nickname, not mine).

God help you if you live in the South. Liberals view the South as one step up from Darfur. In their eyes, all Southerners (note the generalization) would go on an ethnic cleansing of all the blacks, if not for those glorious blue states keeping us in line (heavy sarcasm intended).

The great irony is that when I lived in the Northeast, I saw more racism than I ever did living in the South (I have lived in Georgia for the last 12 years). You know the kind of racism I mean: A group of whites sitting together and someone makes a derogatory comment or a joke about blacks, and everyone laughs. I cannot say I have ever seen that in the South, even among the most ignorant rednecks.

One of the things I have noticed about the racists I have known in my life is their lack of a positive self-image. They seem to use racism as a way to compensate for this. It is kind of sad really.

But this does explain why racism is ok for liberals. They are starting to question their own self-image because they know they cannot get a majority in this country, and subconsciously they don't like what they see. The South won't support their moonbat ideas, so there must be something wrong with the South. The South must be filled with racist troglodytes. In other words, the liberal cannot be wrong, so there must be something wrong with THEM.

This is the kind of thinking that leads to racism. When someone refuses to acknowledge flaws in their own self, then that leaves the problem as someone else.

Don't get me wrong. There are some liberals who are fair, open-minded people. Unfortunately, they are NOT the ones pushing the Democratic Party's agenda.


Duchess Of Austin said...

Nice blog. I totally agree with your assessment on Southerners. I lived in Boston in the 80's and got away with murder when I channeled "Scarlett."

Sometimes I think people who have never experienced the South tend to lump us all together as the "unwashed."

I have a blogger friend who lives in the Chicago area who is fervently campaigning for Kinky Friedman by posting all kinds of stuff about him on his blog, which is ok, but the fact is that Texas is a cartoon state, so we don't need a cartoon governor to boot....

Chip from Georgia said...

Psssst... hey man, we're glad to have you with us down here, but you've got to keep this "the South isn't the knuckle dragging backwater you think it is" talk on the downlow. We've spent decades cultivating this attitude to keep the "Liberal Elite" north of the Mason Dixon and West of Texas. Much more of this talk and our cover's blown!!!!

EdMcGon said...

Thanks both of you! :)

Why would anyone in Texas take voting advice from someone in Chicago? ;)

Freshly Mugged,
Oops! Now where is that "delete post" button? :P