Friday, October 13, 2006

Pick the NFL winners!

Let's see who can pick the winners in this weeks NFL games. Just for fun. No money. Plenty of bragging rights.

This will be cross-posted on three blogs (Politics and Pigskins, Ragged Thots, and American Legends), so I will report the results from all three.

The only requirement is your post must be time-stamped before 1 pm EST on Sunday.

Here are my picks (in red):

Buffalo at Detroit: Buffalo is bad, but Detroit is worse. I'll take Buffalo to squeak by in this one.

Carolina at Baltimore: Pity the Panthers. Having to face the Baltimore defense coming off their Monday night loss to Denver.

Cincinnati at Tampa Bay: Cincy has had two weeks to prepare. This could be ugly too.

Houston at Dallas: Dallas should be sufficiently "T.O.'d" after their loss to the Eagles.

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta: This is the game of the week. Can the Giants run defense stop Atlanta's league best running game? Hard to say, but I'm taking the Falcons.

Philadelphia at New Orleans: Are the Saints for real? If they pull off this win, then I'm a believer. Until then, take the Eagles.

Seattle at St. Louis: I'm leaning towards St. Louis in a game which will go a long way towards determining the NFC West champ.

Tennessee at Washington: Skins. If you have to ask why, you haven't seen the Titans this year.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh: Until Pittsburgh gets on the right track, they are going to have a hard time with even mediocre competition like K.C.

Miami at N.Y. Jets: J-E-T-S! Jets Jets Jets!

San Diego at San Francisco: Do you even have to ask?

Oakland at Denver: Allow me to repeat: Do you even have to ask?

Chicago at Arizona: Da Bears in Da Desert. Ob la Da...


Myrhaf said...

Wait a minute. Are you picking the Broncos over the Raiders? And you call yourself a Raiders fan?!

I see the game is on NBC today at 5:15. I didn't know NBC broadcast NFL games these days.

EdMcGon said...

I'll be rooting for the Raiders, but even you must admit the Raiders have a snowball's chance of winning this game.

NBC is doing Sunday night games this year.

Myrhaf said...

I know, I was just being silly. But you knew that.

The etymological root of the word "fan" is fanatic. It's hard to be a fanatic and cooly objective at the same time, although you do it. In office pools I never pick against the Raiders, which actually helped me one year, I think it was 1997, when no one else picked the Raiders one week and they won an upset victory and I won $90. On any given Sunday...

EdMcGon said...

I used to do that with the Raiders. I got tired of losing. :P

Although I did do that the year they went to the Super Bowl and it paid off nicely. ;)