Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Islamic double standards

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When I read the above cartoon today, I could not help but think of Islamic double standards.

As evidenced by muslim protests at various examples of free speech criticisms of Islam, such as the Danish cartoons or the Pope speeking out about the violent history of Islam, we see the muslims will use free speech when it works to their advantage, but will not allow the same when it is against them.

Much like the llama spitting on the pig, "cultural insensitivity" is only happening when the llama is the recipient, because the culture of the llama is the only one which has any value as far as he is concerned.

The question is will the muslims continue spitting on the rest of us, or will they learn respect for other cultures?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the connection to this and the Dutch cartoon controversy. Could you elaborate a bit more. Thanks.

EdMcGon said...


In most Islamic nations, you would not likely see a "cartoon controversy", for the simple reason that other religions are forbidden by law.

To a muslim, the "cultural sensitivity" they seek is a one-way street. They ask for it, they don't give it.

The Dutch cartoons were a reflection of radical Islamic activities around the world. But the typical muslim only saw their religion was criticized, even though the criticism was reasonable.

In the context of a religion which does not respect the existence of other religions, or the people who worship in other religions, why should they care what those people think of them, as demonstrated by the Dutch cartoons? By their own laws, those people carry less value.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

A little bit. I guess my confusion with your original opinion was that the cartoon above was more of a cultural issue than religious. Hence, the name Ataturk - a devoutly secular leader of a secular islamic country, Turkey. By the way, I've been to Turkey, and they spit a lot and blow their noses on the streets.