Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pick the NFL Playoff Winners: Wild Card Results

In our first annual "Pick the NFL Playoff Winners" contest, with one point for each correct pick, the Wild Card Weekend results are:

Robert A. George - 3 points
Bugg - 3 points

EdMcGon - 2 pts.
David Stefanini - 1 pt.

Except for his "homer" Giants pick, Robert George was outstanding. That miss may come back to haunt him next week since he had the Giants going to the NFC Championship.

Bugg is facing an even bigger dilemna in spite of his early success. The only pick he missed was the Jets, which he had going all the way. Instead, the Jets go "all the way" home after the Pats had them as a playoff appetizer.

With only two picks right, I am still in good shape with my projected NFC Champion Eagles still alive.

David Stefanini also picked the Eagles correctly, but that was it for him. His one saving grace is that he has San Diego and Chicago in the Super Bowl, both of which are still alive.


In our pool, the Divisional Playoff games are worth 2 points each. Here are how the games look now:

New England at San Diego: Bugg has to be rooting for New England, just to spite the rest of us, since the three of us took San Diego.

Indianapolis at Baltimore: If Indy wins, Bugg will be sitting pretty. He is the only one who took Indy.

Seattle at Chicago: Robert George will be "spite-rooting" for Seattle in this one. His G-men didn't make it and everyone else took "Da Bears".

Philadelphia at New Orleans: This one is split down the middle. David Stefanini and I picked Philly, while Bugg and Robert George have New Orleans.

Good luck to all!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, why are you a Raiders fan? They have very low class fans - try wearing a Broncos jersey at a Raiders Home game - and their owner is a crook. Plus, the Traiders left for LA in the early '80s and then came back. But I really hate their goon fans.

EdMcGon said...

That is a good question, which deserves a good answer. I will dedicate a post to that one.

Myrhaf said...

That is a stupid question. A better question is, why aren't you a Raiders fan, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Traiders fan for several reasons. They started the thuggish play back in the '70s with their cheap shots and unnecessary roughness. They left us Bay Area people for LA and then bailed on them too. Their owner is a crook. Why else is he suing everyone?