Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NFL Team Rankings

With the bye weeks past, it is time to take a look at where teams rank in the NFL. I am also showing the key games which have contributed to where I rank them:


Patriots: No losses are all you need to know. However, victories over the Cowboys and Colts show this team is for real.


Cowboys: At the moment, they are looking like a strong contender for the "NFC Team Most Likely to Get Demolished by the Patriots in the Super Bowl" award, which they already did once this year (48-27).
Colts: The loss to the Chargers last weekend shows the lack of depth on this team. The injuries are taking a toll. It also seems like the Colts left their heart on the field in their loss to the Pats.


Packers: I still cannot figure out how they lost to the Bears. Other than that, the running game is the only flaw on this team.
Giants: Unless your team is the Cowboys or the Packers, the G-men are unstoppable. At least until they play the Patriots in the last week of the season.
Jaguars: Their only losses: Titans, Colts, and Saints. They are not fun to watch, they just "get 'er done".
Steelers: The Cardinals loss is a head-scratcher, but the rest of their schedule has not been strong enough to rate them higher than this, even though they have dominated it.
Titans: The Titans are similar to the Jags, with their only losses to the Colts, Bucs, and Jags.
Chargers: The last two weeks tell the Chargers story: A loss to the Vikings followed by a win over the Colts.


Broncos: The Broncos have had a brutal schedule. Their losses: Jags, Colts, Chargers, Packers, and Lions. Considering they managed to pull out a win over the Steelers, it is hard to fault this team.
Bills: The Bills have also had a brutal schedule, but they lost to the Broncos and the Steelers. Their other two losses: Patriots and the Cowboys.
Browns: The Brownies are certainly getting better, although their loss to the Raiders keeps them from rating higher.
Redskins: Their game against the Cowboys this weekend will be quite telling. Aside from the Eagles, their only losses have come to the Patriots, Packers, and Giants.
Eagles: Even at 4-5, the Eagles are not too shabby. They split their series with the Redskins and lost to the Bears. Other than that, they have pretty much beaten everyone they should beat.
Lions: The Broncos are the best team the Lions have beaten so far. Unfortunately, the Broncos are also the best team the Lions have played against so far.
Buccaneers: Their win over the Titans shows what the Bucs are capable of doing. Their losses to the Seahawks and Lions show what they lack.
Bears: How does this team beat the Packers, yet lose twice to the Lions?
Texans: Victories over the Chiefs and Panthers show the Texans aren't too bad, but then the loss to the Falcons really weighs on their rating.
Chiefs: The Chefs (no typo) did manage to beat the Chargers, although I expect the Chargers will get some payback when they meet in a few weeks.
Vikings: The victory over the Chargers shows how good the Vikings can be, but the loss to the Chiefs is a more realistic barometer of where the Vikings are.
Panthers: They beat the Saints, but also lost to the Texans.
Cardinals: Their victory over the Steelers and loss to the Ravens shows the roller coaster nature of the Cardiac Cards. But their victory over the Seahawks and loss to the Panthers puts them somewhere in here.
Saints: The last two weeks tell their story: A victory over the Jaguars followed by a loss to the Rams.
Seahawks: The win over the Bucs in the first week was as good as the Hawks get. Since then, losses to the Saints and Cardinals tell you more about where they are.


Raiders: The worst team the Raiders have played was the Dolphins, and they squished the Fish (35-17). The Raiders barely lost to the Chiefs (12-10) and the Texans (24-17). The Raiders also beat the Browns, which stands out significantly considering the Browns have only lost to the Patriots and Steelers since then.
Bengals: With their only victories against the Ravens (twice) and the Jets, their loss to the Seahawks stands out.
Ravens: Their four wins: Jets, Cardinals, 49ers, and Rams. 'Nuff said.
Falcons: They split with the Panthers and beat the Texans, but the Falcons are closer to the 49ers, who they barely defeated.
49ers: The Niners only victories came against the Cardinals and Rams. But they also lost to the Ravens.
Rams: Their only win against the Saints pulls them out of "ugly". But they still lost to the Ravens.


Jets: The Jets only win was against the Dolphins.
Dolphins: Winless. It doesn't get any uglier.

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