Thursday, September 18, 2008

NFL Week 2 Team Rankings


Patriots: Do you see the pattern here? Solid defense, few mistakes offense, with an occasional big play to keep the opposing defense honest. Matt Cassell may not be the greatest quarterback, but he is clearly good enough to run this team. Tom who?


Panthers: He's ba-ack! Watch out Vikings, you're in for a long day against a well-rested Steve Smith.


Cowboys: I have to give the Cowboys their due after beating the Eagles. But can they keep it up?
Colts: Their game against the Jags this weekend might be a lot tougher than it looks on paper. Regardless, the Colts should win.
49ers: I think the Lions are going to be led to the slaughter this weekend.
Steelers: In the "Pennsylvania Bowl" this weekend, take the boys from western PA. The Eagles won't put up nearly as many points against the Steelers as they did against the Cowboys.
Broncos: Jay Cutler MAY be the best quarterback in the NFL right now. With the exception of that infamous fumble last Sunday, he played a perfect game.
Chargers: They got Hochulied!


Titans: 2-0 with a quarterback controversy? Jeff Fisher is a master.
Bills: Ok, so their defense is for real.
Jaguars: At 0-2 and sinking.
Texans: I don't think they wanted their bye week this soon. Browns: Too much offense for the Ravens to stop this weekend.
Giants: Bring on the Bungles!
Redskins: BIG win over the Saints. They get a breather with the Cards this week.
Packers: Not enough here to give the Cowboys anything to fear.
Vikings: Exit Jackson, enter Frerotte. Still the same mediocre team. Oh yeah, they beat the Lions. Yawn.
Eagles: They are better than this, but until they can prove it with a strong "W", they stay here.
Bears: Take the Bears to beat the Bucs this weekend.
Seahawks: No brainer over the Lambs on Sunday.
Jets: And they still suck...
Saints: The game between the Saints and the Broncos should be fun to watch, but take the Broncos.
Cardinals: No match for the Skins coming up.
Buccaneers: The Jon Gruden death watch has been postponed until later this season, but it is coming.
Raiders: The Lane Kiffin death watch begins.
Ravens: The Ravens might beat the Browns this week, but don't bet on it.
Bengals: No blocking. No defense. It must be the Bungles!
Lions: The Matt Millen death watch can't start soon enough.


Falcons: I couldn't believe it when I heard the Falcons sold out their game against the Chiefs. Are you people masochists?
Rams: No hope against the Hawks this week.
Dolphins: The Patriots? This week? This game is proof of the need for euthanasia.
Chiefs: You know you are really bad when you lose to a team whose coach and owner are at odds.


Myrhaf said...

Raiders lost by one point to the Bills. They look like a pretty good team.

That 3rd and 10 touchdown pass to Higgins was spoiled for me by his slowing down just to taunt the man chasing him. And then he does an idiotic dance in the end zone. Modern players bring the "gangsta" mentality into football and almost ruin it for me.

EdMcGon said...

It's not like idiots only play football. ;)

Myrhaf said...

Somehow I can tolerate the idiots in basketball.

On another subject, how is it that Dallas is in the NFC East and St. Louis is in the West? Does that make sense?

EdMcGon said...

One of the great mysteries of the NFL...