Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL Week 3 Team Rankings


Cowboys: Got to give the Boys their due. They are not only undefeated, but they won 3 games in convincing fashion.


49ers: Granted, beating the Lions is no big deal. But they did beat them the way they were supposed to.
Eagles: They proved they're better than the Steelers.
Steelers: They still have something to prove.
Broncos: The first Cutler's the deepest...
Panthers: The Vikings aren't bad, but the Panthers did not look like the same team out there.
Chargers: Hochulie, no Christmas card...Favre, Christmas card...


Patriots: When you lose to the Dolphins, you drop in the rankings...a LOT! Sorry folks, but the Pats ain't the same without Brady, and it shows.
Colts: This defense is average without Bob Sanders.
Packers: They move up by virtue of their win over the Vikings 2 weeks ago.
Vikings: Nice win over the Panthers. It's still hard to picture Gus Frerotte leading this team to a...nah, couldn't happen.
Ravens: Harbaugh is a better coach than I gave him credit for.
Browns: Losing to the Cowboys and the Steelers is understandable. The Ravens not so much.
Buccaneers: Nice squeaker over Da Bears.
Bears: Da Losers.
Seahawks: I bet they wish they played the Rams every week.
Jets: How many Jets does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one, unless they use Favre, who can't seem to get it in the right socket.
Saints: Nice try against Denver.
Raiders: Can you imagine if the Raiders went on a winning streak now? Al Davis wouldn't be able to fire Lane Kiffin, and he'd be furious! Ok, so maybe not...
Dolphins: Even though the Patriots were without Brady, it's hard to move the Dolphins too high up. But at least they aren't terrible anymore.


Lions: When the son's owner says he'd fire the GM if he were in charge, that doesn't bode well.
Falcons: You know what I love about Savannah, GA? It's far enough away from Atlanta that I don't have to watch Falcons games.
Rams: Welcome back Trent Green! Now take your spot on the ground behind the center. We'll be delivering your tombstone later.
Chiefs: When you not only lose to the Falcons, but get blown out, you know you're headed for the first pick in the draft.


Myrhaf said...

I can't believe Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin. The Raiders are 1-3, on a pace to have their best season in years.

(The above was sarcasm.)

EdMcGon said...

I have to admit, the press conference Davis held to announce Kiffin's firing was one of the most unusual I've heard in years. I'm still not sure what to think of it.