Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NFL Week 1 Team Rankings


Patriots: How can I call the Patriots "elite" without Tom Brady (lost for the season)? Simple: They're undefeated, and they still have the same coach, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Laurence Maroney, and a solid defense. It will be tougher for them to stay up here, but I won't be surprised if they make it to the playoffs, or even the Super Bowl.


Panthers: This team has character, which they showed by not giving up against the Chargers. Considering they did it without their best receiver (Steve Smith) on the field is even more impressive. They are the team to watch.


Cowboys: Their game against the Eagles this coming Monday will tell us more about this team than beating the Browns did last weekend.
Chargers: A good team lost to an excellent team this week.
Colts: I would call the loss to the Bears an aberration, but it's still enough to show the Colts are a lot weaker coming into this year.
49ers: The Cardinals were out for blood after losing to the 49ers twice last season. Expect both teams to return to normal this week.
Steelers: If the Steelers keep playing like they did against the Texans, I have them underrated.

Titans: Even with the Vince Young soap opera this week, Jeff Fisher is a heckuva coach. With Kerry Collins at QB, the Titans might be even better.
Jaguars: When you can't beat a team with a quarterback who quits in the middle of the game, you know you've got problems. With the Jags, those problems are injuries.
Broncos: The Chargers should present a better challenge for the Broncos than the Raiders did.
Texans: This team still has a way to go after that massacre by the Steelers.
Browns: Big game against Pitt this weekend, but I think the Steelers defense will be too much for the Brownies.
Giants: I'm still not sold on the G-men, but it was a solid win over the Skins.
Redskins: On the bright side, they only gave up 16 points. Unfortunately, they only scored 7. Ugly.
Packers: Ok folks, let's not crowd the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon! Seriously, I thought they could win with Rodgers, if he can stay healthy.
Vikings: Can we start laughing at the preseason prognosticators who called for the Vikings in the Super Bowl?
Eagles: Beat the Cowboys, and we'll talk.
Bears: The win over the Colts was a slight fluke, but it did show the Bears defense is for real.
Bills: Beating the Hawks is nice, but I'm not sold.
Seahawks: I may have the Hawks overrated here.
Jets: Bret, don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back for that win. It was the Dolphins after all.
Saints: Ok, calling Reggie Bush a bust was little harsh last week. He makes a perfectly good wideout. Unfortunately, he's a running back. Cardinals: They might even win again this week at Miami. Imagine, Cardinals 2-0. Don't read too much into it though.
Buccaneers: It's going to be a long year for Bucs fans.
Raiders: On the bright side, they get the Chiefs this week. Hey Al Davis! great move picking up DeAngelo Hall! Here's a little hint: If the Falcons don't want him, he must be REALLY bad!
Ravens: How about that Joe Flacco? Go Blue Hens!
Bengals: The Bungles are back.
Lions: How do you lose to a rebuilding team like Atlanta?


Falcons: Atlanta fans, you're allowed optimism, but don't get overjoyed. It's nice to win 34-21, but two things to remember: First, it was the Lions; and second, Matt Ryan threw the ball 13 times. Let's wait and see if he can win when he puts it up 30 times against a good team.
Rams: Every bit as bad as expected.
Dolphins: When you lose to a mediocre team with a quarterback as old as John McCain, you've got problems.
Chiefs: Amazing how the worst team in the NFL manages to lose by 7 to the best team in the NFL. Don't worry, the Chiefs still suck.


daveja vu said...

My biggest highlight of Week 1 was watching MeAngelo get burned all over the field and throwing a couple of hissy fits resulting in two 15-yard personal foul penalties. Just like last year, when he cost the Falcons a game and Bobby (spit) Petrino didn't have the huevos to park his kiester on the bench. Heck, at least June Jones handled the Jeff George blowup better.

EdMcGon said...

You pretty much nailed Hall. He isn't half the corner he thinks he is.

Myrhaf said...

Raiders beat the Chefs!

Somebody called McFadden ran for 165 yards.

EdMcGon said...

I keep telling people McFadden is the real deal, even better than AP with the Vikes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow the poster and commenters share one thing in common. A complete lack of knowledge about the game of football.

EdMcGon said...

And by your anonymous comment, I can really tell you are far more learned in the area of football. Please share your vast storehouse of knowledge with us, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous?