Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Birthers of a Nation

The whole Birther movement, which claims President Obama was not born in the U.S., is ludicrous. Why is anyone wasting their time on this nonsense, when there are plenty of subjects over which to attack Obama?

Even IF Obama wasn't a U.S. citizen, if you want a reason to justify impeachment, his dangerous stupidity in running our country is plenty good enough for me. Consider:

1. His health care plan and Global Warming policies, which are nothing more than a Democratic Party power grab. Even Nixon couldn't have come up with something as devious as these two issues.

2. His Wall Street bailout. The ONLY reason Bush got away with his own bailout plan was because Obama supported it. If Bush had tried something like that in his first year, like Obama did, the Media would have run him out of office, with full American support.

3. He's a foreign policy nightmare. He insults our allies (even I know American DVD's won't work in British DVD players, so giving the British PM a set of American DVD's was just dumb), and cozies up to enemy dictators. Most of the European Media has already turned on Obama.

4. He has more crooked friends than John Gotti. I am just waiting for the news story where one of Obama's buddies gets caught committing a felony. It is coming. Until then, we have Henry Louis Gates.

5. Speaking of Gates, Obama is doing more to hurt race relations in the U.S. with his inept presidency than even the KKK could have hoped. His handling of the Gates situation was more reminiscent of Al Sharpton than Martin Luther King.

While the topics I have mentioned are debatable, the Birther controversy doesn't even merit debate. It has been disproven over and over again, and it is time to look at what IS important about Obama. Quit wasting precious air time and print space on foolish conspiracy theories, and start using them on real and important topics that will affect all of us.

Look at it this way: While you Birthers are talking about your wild goose chase, Obama and the Congress are hard at work trying to take away your access to health care, as well as your hard-earned money. Your distraction makes it so much easier for them to work without the public spotlight.

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