Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting the fat out

The CDC reports Americans are too obese. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says the new health care bill monstrosity currently rolling through the Congress has provisions to help prevent obesity.

Exactly WHY do we want to do this?

Obesity prevention is simple: Eat less and/or exercise more. No health care program, public or private, will get someone to do this if they don't want it.

In addition, if someone enjoys food to the extreme of willing to put on tons of weight in order to enjoy food, who are we to stop them? While gluttony is a sin, so is pride. You want to have a government program to make people more humble too?

I know: Obesity creates greater health care costs. So does pregnancy. Condoms for everyone!

But obese people don't live as long, right? Guess what: We are ALL going to die. Deal with it. Personally, I would rather live a shorter life that I enjoyed, rather than suffer through a few extra dull years of life just to reach the same end.

To the obese people of the world, I say: Enjoy!

To the busybodies of the world, I say: Screw off!

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