Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drop health care now!

Do you want to know why we have nearly 10% unemployment, with possibly more in the future, as our economy stumbles along like an auto accident survivor? Obama is pulling a Nero by fiddling with health care while our economic Rome is burning. While health care is a large portion of our economy, it is not and nor will it ever be all of it. By ignoring the rest of our economy for the sake of taking over this portion, Obama has brought the rest of our economy to a halt.

Consider what you would do if you owned a small or medium sized business (from which most of our economic growth comes). Would you hire anyone now, knowing the government might require you to provide health insurance to them? Would you expand your operations without knowing what new employees will actually cost you? Would you open a new business in this economy?

The longer Emperor Obama spends on his health care folly, the longer it will take the economy to recover.


William R. Barker said...

All true, Ed, which brings me to...



Hey... doesn't Georgia have a football team...???

Hey... they're doing better than OAKLAND, right...???



EdMcGon said...

I will admit Bill, I am becoming a Jets fan, mostly because Rex Ryan reminds me of his father. They both coach the same aggressive style of play, which I have always admired.

As for Oakland, I don't wanna talk about it...