Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am tired and frustrated.

I am tired of arguing with people who believe they have a right to health care, even if it means making indentured servants out of the entire medical profession. Even if means ignoring the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees no right to health care, and in fact prohibits the indentured servitude of any person within the medical profession (see the 14th Amendment).

I am tired of being stigmatized as racist simply because I disagree with these fools. I disagreed with them when the president was white (Bill Clinton), and I disagreed with them when the president was Republican (George Bush's expansion of Medicare), and now I disagree with them when the president is black (Barack Obama). Yet I am somehow racist for not wanting to steal the money properly earned by others in order to fund my own health care needs.

I am tired of the assumption of "all southerners are racists", especially from scalawags like Jimmy Carter. I have lived in the north and the south, and racism is actually less common in the south.

I am tired of my tax dollars supporting welfare states in New York and California. I am tired of my tax dollars supporting an education system that does not work. I am tired of my tax dollars supporting the re-election of liberal/socialist senators and representatives via pork.

I am tired of capitalism being bashed for it's failure, while the role of government in our country's economic collapse is given a pass. While capitalism plays off of man's inherent greed in order to function, where does it say that politicians are any less greedy? Yet we ignore how they have set up laws to protect their own plunder?

I am tired of the Media support for the criminals running our country. They happily bash Republicans, then conveniently overlook when Democrats do the same things, or worse.

I am tired of both political parties fighting over HOW they should run our lives, without anyone stopping to ask WHY they should run our lives. For example, why is prostitution illegal in most parts of our country, yet abortion is legal all over our country? I heard a comedian (I forget his name) put it best: Your womb is free, but the state owns your vagina.

I am tired of the Keynesian fallacy that a small group of people located within a central bank can possibly manipulate our economy positively, when an economy involves literally trillions of different transactions every day. Of course, as we have seen, they cannot do this. Yet no one questions this?

I am tired of reliving the Great Depression. First, our economy goes into recession because of the Keynesian fallacy. Now we have to relive Smoot-Hawley too? Obama's decision to institute tire tariffs against China will only lead to a trade war, which will just make a bad economy worse.

I am tired of the war in Afghanistan. How many wars in Afghanistan have to fail before the world's leaders understand that Afghanistan will NEVER have a useful central government? Entering a war in Afghanistan with the hope of setting up a central government there is like the old joke about second marriages: It's the triumph of hope over experience.

I am tired of the federal government. It provides little while demanding a lot.

The union has outlived it's usefullness. Whenever the rest of you get around to realizing that secession would be better for all of us, let me know. I am ready.


William R. Barker said...

I don't know what to tell you, Ed.


Obviously I feel the same way.

Hey... I wake up each morning with one part of me hoping that when I turn the radio on I'll find out that sometime during the night as I slept a military coup had taken over the government.


The level of CORRUPTION has reached the boiling part - private sector as well as public sector.

No one TRUSTS our elected officials.

No one TRUSTS America's corporate titans - especially the bankers, the Wall Streeters...

Certainly no one trusts the Unions or the Left.

Let me ask you a SERIOUS question:

The 13 Colonies 1774


America 2009

WHICH group of Americans is (was) MORE OPPRESSED by government and commercial interests?


These ba$tards are destroying our country, Ed.


EdMcGon said...

You already know the answer to that question.

Here's a side thought for you: What do you think Teddy Roosevelt would have done with a corporation that was "too big to fail"? ;)