Monday, January 25, 2010

Jets Grounded, Saints in Heaven

So I was wrong: The Colts beat the Jets.

However, I give the Colts all the credit in the world. They played relatively mistake-free football, especially by comparison to the Vikings last night (losers to the Saints).

But I stick by one part of my prediction: the winner of the Super Bowl will come from the Colts-Jets game. Considering the Saints were not able to capitalize on the Vikings many mistakes, allowing the Vikings to drag them into overtime, how will the Saints do against a team like the Colts which makes few mistakes?

This Super Bowl will be ugly folks: Colts over Saints by 21 points.


William R. Barker said...

The Jets threw away victory as did the Vikings.

Both teams DESERVED to lose - the Jets based on timid coaching; the Vikings based upon incompetence on the field.

As to the Superbowl...

Saints by four.


diamond dave said...

I too think the Colts will prevail. But the Saints will make it a close game, forcing Peyton to win it in the fourth quarter. Colts by ten, but only after Peyton steps up his game in the fourth with a few do-or-die plays.

William R. Barker said...

So, Ed... allow me to help you re-write sentence one of your original post so as to serve as a follow-up.

Here goes:

So I was wrong. Again. The Saints beat the Colts... just as Bill Barker predicted.


And, yeah... granted... even I was wrong about the margin of victory.

I admit... I never would have "thunk" the Colts could lose by 14 points.

Hey... the "Coach Bill" style of aggressive out of the box thinking won the game for the Saints.

Good for them!