Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Editorial of the day

Today I am visiting left field for the editorial of the day: From Ron Goldstein, who makes "The Case for Joe Biden".

I am choosing this editorial for just how wrong it is. I will not argue that Biden could appeal to liberal voters. However, there is a point that Goldstein makes that is way off the mark:

"During the primaries, we may vote for the person who looks as if he or she will perform best as a candidate—someone who “looks” presidential, who seems savvy with the media and who will represent our best interests.

[he goes on to list several other criteria]

...As the Democrats cast about for a candidate who can win in 2008, I want to make the case for Joe Biden. After 34 years in the Senate, Biden can appeal to voters on nearly all of the above criteria."

Exactly how does Biden "look" presidential? Anyone who has ever seen his work on the Judiciary Committee (one thing Goldstein points to as an example) will have to recognize that smarmy "gotcha" smile that Biden has as he speaks to hear himself talk. Of all the politicians on Capital Hill, Biden may be the least adept at covering for his own phoniness. In other words, he is not a very accomplished liar.

That is not to say I want someone who lies to be president. But at least the past presidents who did lie were not telegraphing it (for example, Bill Clinton).

"The senior senator from Delaware has an appealing media persona: He’s not a bad-looking guy, and his performances seem real, not wooden like those of the last two Democratic nominees."

"Real"? Sure, kind of like a used car salesman looks "real".

The real kicker to this editorial is the description of Mr. Goldstein:
"The writer is a veteran of 10 Democratic presidential campaigns dating back to 1976."

There have been eight presidential elections since 1976, including that year. Which means this guy was on the campaigns of at least two losers, maybe more. Assuming he was on both Carter's first campaign and each of Clinton's campaigns, that would mean he has three winners out of ten tries. Not exactly confidence inspiring in his political abilities.

I used to live in Delaware (Biden's home state). I met Joe Biden when he visited my high school about 23 years ago. Even as a teenager, I could smell his b.s. a mile away.

Message to Democrats: If you want Biden, go ahead. That election would be over before it starts.

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