Friday, February 10, 2006

Neal Boortz = Hypocrite?

On Neal Boortz's website today, he posted the following:

"I haven't seen these ratings myself. This is something I heard over my earpiece last night while I was waiting for my 95 seconds of fame at Scarborough Country on MSNBC...OK .. so what did I hear. Some (unidentified) guest was talking about American Idol. He said that on the night of the State of the Union Speech American Idol, which was on the tube immediately before the speech, had an audience of 30 million. That audience dropped to 9 million when the speech came on. Know what? I can believe it. In today's celebrity/jock-sniffing culture, I can believe it. Sad, but probably true."

Now let's turn back the clock to January 31st. In an article on Boortz's website titled "SPEAK ON, MR. PRESIDENT. I WON'T BE WATCHING", about the State of the Union speech that night, Boortz said:

"... don't expect any real news from tonight's speech. I'll be sawing logs."

So it is ok for Neal to sleep through the speech, but God forbid the rest of America doesn't stay up to watch it? The fact they watch "American Idol" but not the State of the Union speech is "sad", even though Boortz himself was planning to miss it?

While I like Boortz, and I agree that society tends to emphasize things, like celebrity culture, which are unimportant, I think Neal needs to choose what he uses to make his points a little more carefully.

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