Monday, February 06, 2006

Editorial of the day

With all the Muslims busy trying to repress freedom of speech over cartoons such as the picture above, I feel it is necessary to remind them why freedom of speech is necessary.

Maybe you need to live in a world where a government of man decides everything for you, but most of us in Western Civilization recognize the evil inherent in power which is centralized in the hands of a few, or one. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But putting a check on abuse of power is just one benefit of freedom of speech. Another is freedom of religion. Without freedom of speech, freedom of religion is impossible. I know you could care less about either of these freedoms, but consider this: Without freedom of religion, what is to stop government from taking away Islam? Without freedom of speech, how are you going to spread Islam if your government forbids it?

Your ideal government would NEVER do such things. But once you give up your freedoms, what is to stop your government?

But the true irony in this is what the cartoon represents, versus your actions. The cartoon shows that within Islam, as represented by Muhammed, violence is at it's core. Yet your actions put the truth to the cartoon. You protest by starting fires and threatening people's lives. You protest by committing acts of violence.

Your actions prove to me the importance of freedom of speech, as well as the rest of the values of Western Civilization. A world controlled by Islam would be cruel, much like you. I used to give Islam the benefit of the doubt regarding it's claims to being a "peaceful" religion. No more. You have shown me the light. Or in your case, the darkness of Islam.


Howard said...

I don't think that freedom of speech should cover the deliberate treasonal talk that has taken all the teeth out of the phone and wiretap activity..It is Almost as if they wanted to aid the enemy by alerting them to what we were doing..Sure stinks to me..

EdMcGon said...

Treason is one of the few practical exceptions to freedom of speech. But what the cartoonists did in Denmark does not come anywhere close to treason.