Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Editorial of the day

CNN's Lou Dobbs is not one of my favorite broadcasters. However, I share his hatred of the current illegal immigration situation. His editorial, "Do you take us for fools?", exemplifies my own anger with the current crop of failures running our government.

Dobbs states my own frustration nicely:
"Only a fool, Mr. President, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. McCain, would believe you when you speak of new legislation. You don't enforce the laws now."

As Dobbs sums up:
"...318 employers out of five and a half million in this country have been fined for hiring illegal aliens since 2001. In 2004, only three employers were fined. That is a dismal record, Mr. President, as dismal as the fact that the number of ICE agents assigned to enforce immigration laws in the workplace has declined from only 240 back in 1999 to now less than 100.

The problem in our lack of border security and illegal immigration is becoming increasingly obvious: two political parties that are beholden to corporate America, the largest employers of illegal aliens, and the leadership of both parties that are selling out American citizens in search of cheap labor and political advantage. How dumb do you all think we are? Again, that's only a rhetorical question.

Over the next few days on my broadcast, I'm going to make a suggestion that I hope may help the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties begin to take some notice of our laws and our expectations that those laws be enforced. And also take at least some notice of the fact that Republicans and Democrats also represent American citizens, not just corporate America and special interests.

If I had to guess, I would say Dobbs is going to recommend voting for third parties. That would be my advice. Regardless of any election outcome, if a large enough percentage of voters vote for third parties, that would get the Democrats and Republicans to sit up and take notice.

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