Friday, May 19, 2006

Screw you Mexico!

I was reading this news article over at titled "Mexico, other nations condemn U.S. fence". My blood got to boiling.

"Mexico and four Central American nations condemned the U.S plan to build hundreds of miles of triple-layered fencing on its southern border, saying it would not stop illegal immigration.

In a joint news conference in Mexico City late Thursday, the foreign ministers of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico said that building barriers was not the way to solve problems between neighboring nations.

"The position of Mexico and the other countries is that walls will not make a difference in terms of the solution to the migration problem," said Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez.

If it won't work, why say anything at all? The fact is they know it just might work, and they are scared. Scared that they may be stuck with having to perform economic reforms so their people can work AND make a living. Scared that their corrupt governments may have to clean up their acts.

""All of us are looking for a comprehensive migratory regulation so that millions of Latin Americans can continue working in and supporting the United States economy," Briz said."

...and sending billions of dollars back into their floundering economies.

""Building walls, constructing barriers on the border does not offer an efficient solution in a relationship of friends, neighbors and partners," Fox said in the border city of Tijuana."

How about invaders and criminals?

"[Fox continued], "We will go on defending the rights of our countrymen without rest or respite. With passion we will demand the full respect of their human rights.""

Who is denying their human rights? The only denial of human rights occurs WITHIN the banana republics south of the U.S. border.

How is returning illegal immigrants to their home country a denial of human rights? Unless their home country denies their human rights.

Is that an admission of Mexico's guilt, Vicente Fox?


Badhri said...

Politics' face is always ugly! It doesn't matter where it is (US, India, Banana Republics, districs, counties or villages).

While I totally agree with you, I remind you that the same Bush regime donated citizenship to scores of Latin American infiltrators in Florida (and california?).

It was never a matter of ideology, only opportunity.

EdMcGon said...

I agree, but how do you define "donated citizenship"?

Do you mean they allowed illegal immigrants to come into the country? (which the Bush administration did)

Or do you mean they granted citizenship to legal immigrants from many Latin American countries? (which the Bush administration also did)

I don't have a problem with citizenship being granted to LEGAL immigrants. But illegal immigrants should NEVER be granted citizenship.