Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft predictions

I did ok. I picked 6 players with the right team in the right spot, which was better than Mel Kiper's 5.

My correct predictions:
1. Texans: DE Mario Williams.

2. Saints: RB Reggie Bush.

4. Jets: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

5. Packers: LB A.J. Hawk.

6. 49ers: TE Vernon Davis.

31. Seahawks: CB Kelly Jennings.

Time to give myself an award for an astute observation, even if I got the teams all wrong (and one of the players involved was wrong too):
8. Bills: QB Jay Cutler. Marv Levy would like another Jim Kelly, but he'll settle for Jay Cutler. Bills may also trade down to let someone else draft Cutler. Don't be surprised if another team gets nervous after the Raiders take Young and offers the Bills too much for the pick.

Change the pick to #11. Make it the Rams trading down instead of the Bills. Make it the Broncos getting nervous after the Cardinals (instead of the Raiders) took Matt Leinart (instead of Vince Young).

Just call me Nostradomus. Sort of.

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