Friday, May 12, 2006

My theory on illegal immigration

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Contrary to what EITHER of our behemoth political parties want to do, we need to get the illegal immigrants out of here. Period.

If the politicians want to make it easier for 100 million Mexicans to come into this country legally, that's fine. But if they are here illegally, I am tired of hearing the excuse "but we can't round up 12 million of them". I don't care if you round them up, or make it impossible for them to make a living here. Do NOT give them amnesty.

In case you hadn't noticed, I have changed my views somewhat on this subject. The foot dragging of the political class in this country taught me something. They WANT this to happen. I suspect they set up the circumstances to ALLOW it to happen.

My theory is they want to bring in millions of young workers to help us get through the retirement of the Baby Boomers so the politicians won't have to do anything about the impending Social Security/Medicare collapses.

Instead of fixing the problems we have, our politicians are making different problems (such as crime). Welcome to three card monte, Washington style.


The_Bos'un said...

Good post. Sound Logic. I agree that our politicians have mishandled the immigration problem. When President Reagan granted amnesty last time, the stipulation was we were going to fix the problem. Now the tail is wagging the dog big time to the tune of 11 million illegals.

We have to fix our borders and have all law enforcement playing off the same sheet of music rather than letting ACLU and the black robes finding ways to block enforcement. Employers should be penalized if they knowingly hire illegals.

We may need to have guest worker program, but a much scaled down version.

Lastly, as said by Ann Coulter, Conservatives need a 12-step program to manhood.

Have a great blogging weekend.


EdMcGon said...

Thanks for the input! I agree completely with you about the solution, but I am afraid the politicians will find a way to make any solution fail, because they don't really WANT a solution. I just hope I'm wrong.