Friday, February 02, 2007

Revenge of the Snow Weenies

Yesterday, I bashed northerners for being reckless in the snow. Today, it is time to give southerners their share of grief.

I live in Georgia. It snowed yesterday. My kids were off school. No problem.

Today, there are some trace amounts of snow left on the grass, but the roads are clear, although wet. While it is cold outside, the roads are NOT frozen. My kids are off school again today. Huh?

There is a fine line between being smart with snow, and just being a downright weenie with it. Southerners have mastered the art of snow weenieness (like that word?).

I imagine there is someplace around Virginia where they have just the right attitude towards snow. But go north of there, and the idiots are running the show. Go south of there, and the weenies are running the show.


William R. Barker said...


Teachers and administrators LIKE having a paid day off.



EdMcGon said...

I'm not so sure. The school district does build snow days into the schedule.