Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Why I Hate Blacks"

No, that is not what I think. "Why I Hate Blacks" is the name of an editorial which was printed in AsianWeek. It was written by an Asian named Kenneth Eng.

The article is mostly racist tripe. If you want a picture of true racism, feel free to click on the link above and read it.

That said, something did occur to me while reading one part of it:
"Blacks are easy to coerce. This is proven by the fact that so many of them, including Reverend Al Sharpton, tend to be Christians.

Yet, at the same time, they spend much of their time whining about how much they hate "the whites that oppressed them."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Christianity the religion that the whites force upon them?

Ok Mr. Eng, you're wrong. Christianity hasn't been "forced" on any group of people since the Spanish Inquisition. While one can argue that blacks as slaves may have been coerced into Christianity, they were certainly free to drop it after they were liberated.

But let's put Eng's racist point aside and consider something else. Multiculturalists , as well as blacks themselves, love to point out the uniqueness of "black culture". If so, why is Christianity such a common part of it?

The fact is that blacks are very much a part of American culture, but they don't want to admit it. If black culture were such a unique and separate culture within American society, then whites and blacks would rarely cross paths. It would be a relationship closer to Apartheid than what we have in America now.

Still think black culture is unique? Name one unique part of black culture that no whites EVER partake?

Rap/hip-hop music? Sorry, my daughter likes it. (much to my chagrin)

Jazz and blues? Nope. I've known a lot of people, myself included, who like it.

Unique words used to describe things? Sorry, but you can find that in different sections of the country anyway.

Self-pity? Nah. I've known plenty of whites who follow the "blame everyone but yourself for your situation" philosophy.

A history of slavery? While blacks have a more current history, whites have been enslaved more often throughout history. Nothing uniquely black there.

The experience of racism? Perhaps, but let me ask this: Is racism so common today that ALL blacks experience it? Probably at some point in their lives, but I can claim to have experienced reverse racism. Ask the Duke lacrosse players about reverse racism. Does that mean the Duke lacrosse players are now a part of "black culture"?

Another thing to consider on the issue of the experience of racism is that different blacks respond to racism differently. Are there any blacks who would NOT confront racism when they were the victims of it? Of course. But there are many who would, and would likely confront it through the courts or in the Media (the fact that Eng's editorial was reported throughout the Media shows the power of the Media in these cases).

For example, consider the Grateful Dead. They have a following of people, who refer to themselves as "Deadheads". But does everyone who listens to the Grateful Dead instantly become a Deadhead? No. Does everyone who even likes the Grateful Dead qualify as a Deadhead? No. The subculture of Deadheads are people who attend every Grateful Dead concert to which they are able.

So how can the experience of racism effectively be called a "culture"?

What about black skin? Can that be the basis for a culture? Even when you are black, other blacks will turn on you for not "acting" black. Ever heard the "Aunt Jemima" charge against Condi Rice? How about Michael Steele being called an "oreo" (black on the outside, white on the inside)? Better yet, how about our "first black president", Bill Clinton?

The truth is that "black culture" is like Global Warming: a fiction made up by liberals based on superficial information. Notice who benefits by the continued belief in a "black culture": liberal politicians, who continue to receive overwhelming support from the blacks, in spite of the fact they don't really do anything FOR blacks.

Think about it: what is there for politicians to do FOR blacks? Affirmative action programs have been out there for decades. Where affirmative action programs are overly favorable to blacks, they tend to be thrown out by the courts, leaving legislators with little or no options.

However, liberal politicians continue spouting the fiction of a "black culture" in order to keep their prize voting bloc together.

If you want to define "black culture" in any way, it is a continuing gratitude to liberal politicians for their support of the Civil Rights movement, as represented by the overwhelming support of blacks during elections. But even that culture is slowly eroding over time, as more blacks start to vote for conservative politicians. Eventually, you will see blacks voting for their own individual interests over political lip service to their skin color.

Just like the cultures of Irish and Italian immigrants before, the "black culture" is slowly fading away as it is incorporated into the American melting pot culture, from where it originally came. Segregation and racism created the "black culture", but it was never really that far removed from the American culture where it grew.

Unfortunately, there are idiots out there like Kenneth Eng, who provide fodder for the liberal politicians to reinforce the need for a "black culture" myth. Racist idiots are to "black culture" as a hot summer is to Global Warming: a convenient excuse to prolong a myth. But like hot summers, we will always have racist idiots. Until most people can objectively see both for what they are within the bigger pictures surrounding them, the myths will continue.

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