Monday, March 19, 2007

The Illogical Extreme of Global Warming

I hope the enviro-nuts are happy now.

Because of the so-called danger of Global Warming, we now have scientists coming up with hare-brained schemes to cool the planet. From
"Scientists are exploring global warming solutions that sound wholly far-fetched, including giant artificial "trees" to filter carbon dioxide out of the air, a bizarre "solar shade" created by a trillion flying saucers that lower Earth's temperature, and a scheme that mimics a volcano by spewing light-reflecting sulfates high in the sky.

These are costly projects of last resort -- in case Earth's citizens don't cut back fast enough on greenhouse gas emissions and the worst of the climate predictions appear not too far away. Unfortunately, the solutions could cause problems of their own -- beyond their exorbitant costs -- including making the arid Middle East even drier and polluting the air enough to increase respiratory illnesses.

This scares me more than any amount of Global Warming.

For example, what happens if we set off a volcano, and then another one erupts naturally? How does global cooling sound to you?

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