Monday, March 12, 2007

When the government runs your life

I was reading this article on MSN about how FEMA cleared out a trailer park:
"HAMMOND, La. - Shortly after noon, FEMA agents began rapping on the trailer doors, their knocks resounding inside the tinny white homes. Everyone in the park, the agents announced without warning, would have to pack and leave within 48 hours.

Where do we go now?


What about school?

To the residents of the Yorkshire Mobile Home Park, all of them families displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency crews offered answers that were uncertain and sometimes contradictory. As residents spilled out of their homes to meet their similarly bewildered neighbors, the adults wondered where they would be sent next, and how far they might wind up from their jobs. Some began sobbing. Then the children, seeing their parents' tears, began crying, too. A woman fainted, and an ambulance came.

"It was like shock and awe," recalled Ron Harrell, 40, a tenant. "We called it Hurricane FEMA."

The Yorkshire residents were eventually scattered to other FEMA parks. But their sudden evacuation last weekend illustrates the upheavals that still accompany life in a government trailer park 18 months after the hurricane struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005."

The key phrase there is "18 months after the hurricane struck". So they are saying that these people cannot find a way to make enough money to pay for their own housing after A YEAR AND A HALF?!

These people have moved out of the "victim" phase, and are now firmly in the "welfare leach" phase.

When you turn responsibility for a part of your life, such as housing, over to the government, don't cry when the government decides to turn your life upside down.

It amazes me there are still people who want to hand responsibility for our health care over to government bureaucrats like FEMA.


WIlliam R. Barker said...

I wish you'd cross-post this one on RT.


EdMcGon said...

Nah. It wouldn't change anything. Rob is too mule-headed to see the logic in this.