Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Matt Drudge and Jennifer Garner

I enjoy reading the Drudge Report, and consider it one of my main news sources on the Internet. However, Drudge printed a hugely misleading headline to one of his linked stories today: "Actress Jennifer Garner Confesses Climate Change Makes her Cry..." (which links to an article on

When you go to the linked article, which is about Jennifer Garner, the pertinent section of the article reads:
"Jennifer has also confessed she cries more now she is a mother. The actress believes the experience has made her more caring.

She said: "Since I became a mother, I cry more because I care about things more.

"I can't watch a movie where something happens to a child. And I've always cared about global warming and breast cancer, but now there seems to be an urgency about them."

If you read her quote closely, she is NOT saying that she cries about Global Warming. She says "now there seems to be an urgency" about it.

I won't say that she doesn't cry about it, but her quote does NOT say that. Drudge is inferring it.


Myrhaf said...

I had the same reaction as you, Ed. I was going to blog about it and talk about the emotionalism of know nothing actresses, but the actual quote leaves room for interpretation.

EdMcGon said...

Thanks Myrhaf!

I just hate to see slanted journalism (from the right or left), and this is a fine example of it.