Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Editorial of the day

Ruben Navarrette makes some good points in his editorial "Undeniable Realities on Immigration".

The one point he makes that got me to thinking:
"Undeniable Reality No. 4: There will always be jobs for illegal immigrants because many Americans want to enjoy upper-class luxuries on middle-class salaries. Like the man who called in to a radio show I was on and volunteered that -- as a single parent -- he had hired an illegal immigrant to baby-sit his kids while he worked. The caller said he paid the nanny about $6 per hour, but that hiring a U.S. citizen might cost him twice as much. Multiply this guy by millions and you start to get the picture."

Do you realize what we have here? Economic slave labor. As Navarrette points out later:
"Undeniable Reality No. 6: Mexican workers are going to continue to come to the United States -- legally if possible, illegally if necessary -- as long as they can earn 15 to 20 times more in this country than they can back home. In many villages in Mexico, workers might earn just $3 to $6 per day. In the United States, they might earn $60 per day for farm work or $90 per day for construction work. Ask yourself: What would you be willing to do to make 20 times what you make now?"

Welcome to slavery, 21st century style.

That brings us to the question of which is worse: being a slave and living better, or being free and suffering? 11 million illegal immigrants have answered with the first choice. I cannot say I blame them.

This is why I don't have a problem with these people staying here IF we can document them AND if we secure the borders.

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