Saturday, April 29, 2006

My NFL Draft Projections

1. Texans: DE Mario Williams. I feel pretty good about this prediction, since they have already signed him.

2. Saints: RB Reggie Bush. Don't be surprised if the Saints trade down. They still have Deuce McAlister, even with injury questions surrounding him. However, if they don't trade down, taking Bush is a no-brainer.

3. Titans: QB Matt Leinart. Leinart is the best QB prospect in the draft bar none, and the Titans desperately need a QB. I have heard a lot of rumors of Vince Young going here, but I am calling this as if I were the GM of the Titans.

4. Jets: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The Jets have a lot of needs, but Ferguson may be the best player available at this point. I can hear the Jets fans booing already, but this is really not a bad pick.

5. Packers: LB A.J. Hawk. I predict the Packers take a defensive player at this position because there is no way their GM is going to give Favre ANY offensive help this season. He is tired of Favre and wishes Favre had retired.

6. 49ers: TE Vernon Davis. Alex Smith will be very happy with management after this pick, and for years to come.

7. Raiders: QB Vince Young. I will be a happy Raider fan if this happens.

8. Bills: QB Jay Cutler. Marv Levy would like another Jim Kelly, but he'll settle for Jay Cutler. Bills may also trade down to let someone else draft Cutler. Don't be surprised if another team gets nervous after the Raiders take Young and offers the Bills too much for the pick.

9. Lions: DB Michael Huff. Matt Millen has drafted offensive players for how many years? I figure he will learn his lesson by now and go defense. Then again, I may be overestimating Millen.

10. Cardinals: DT Brodrick Bunkley. The Cards need defense.

11. Rams: DE Kamerion Wimbley. The Rams could be the team to trade up with the Bills for the Cutler pick. The Bills could take Wimbley here also.

12. Browns: DT Haloti Ngata. I personally think this is too high for Ngata, but the Browns have a long tradition of bad first round picks. Personally, I would take Chad Greenway if I were them.

13. Ravens: WR Chad Jackson. The Ravens are another team that could trade up for Jay Cutler, although I think GM Ozzie Newsome is smarter than that. Jackson would give the Ravens a sorely needed speed burner. Don't be surprised if they draft an RB either.

14. Eagles: WR Santonio Holmes. They need someone to replace TO. While Holmes is no TO, he may be more than just a warm body at the position.

15. Broncos: LB Chad Greenway. Shanahan always impresses me with his picks. This would be no exception. I would not be surprised to see TE Leonard Pope here either.

16. Dolphins: OT Winston Justice. New QB Culpepper will need some protection.

17. Vikings: RB DeAngelo Williams. I think "The Whizzinator"'s release this week tells me something about the Vikings' plans. They could also take Laurence Maroney of Williams is gone.

18. Cowboys: CB Tye Hill. Owner Jerry Jones is going to have visions of Deion Sanders with Tye Hill. I don't think he's Deion, but he is mighty fast. It would also keep Hill away from the Giants. (Jerry Jones make a pick out of spite? Never.)

19. Chargers: LB Ernie Sims. Too good to pass up here.

20. Chiefs: DB Antonio Cromartie. This team needs an injection of talent at DB. They could also take Donte Whitner if they are concerned about Cromartie's injury history.

21. Patriots: DB Donte Whitner. The Pats could also go with a DL.

22. 49ers: CB Jimmy Williams. This would be the smart pick here. For some reason, I suspect I am wrong. Call it a lack of faith in 49ers management.

23. Buccaneers: CB Johnathan Joseph. The Bucs would normally look for offensive help, but even they can't pass up this bargain.

24. Bengals: DB Jason Allen. The Bengals could take TE Leonard Pope here too.

25. Giants: LB DeMeco Ryans. For some reason, I can see Ryans playing for Tom Coughlin. It is a bit of a reach, but it would be a good match.

26. Bears: TE Leonard Pope. This is a guess, but it makes sense.

27. Panthers: RB Laurence Maroney. Maroney is the logical pick at this point, but don't be surprised to see the Panthers take a different RB.

28. Jaguars: CB Ashton Youboty. Secondary, secondary, secondary.

29. Jets: DE Manny Lawson. The Jets will need a replacement for Abraham. They might also go with RB LenDale White. If DeAngelo Williams or Laurence Maroney drop this far, the Jets will bite.

30. Colts: RB LenDale White. The Colts would prefer Williams or Maroney, but they will settle for White to replace Edgerrin James.

31. Seahawks: CB Kelly Jennings. The Hawks need a good shutdown corner. It is questionable if Jennings is a shutdown, but he is undoubtedly fast.

32. Steelers: WR Sinorice Moss. The Steelers would prefer LenDale White, but Moss gives them a speed receiver to replace Randle El.

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