Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Editorial of the day

Every now and then I read an editorial that makes me think, "This one should be enshrined in an Editorial Hall of Fame."

John Stossel gets the honor today with "Greed--Not Kindness--Gets Things Done".

Stossel does use quite a few quotes from economist Walter Williams, including the following:
"If pursuing profit is greed, economist Walter Williams told me, then greed is good, because it drives us to do many good things. "Those areas where people are motivated the most by greed are the areas that we're the most satisfied with: supermarkets, computers, FedEx." By contrast, areas "where people say we're motivated by 'caring'" -- public education, public housing etc. -- "are the areas of disaster in our country. . . . How much would get done," Williams wondered, "if it all depended on human love and kindness?""

Stossel ends the editorial with a quote for the ages:
"Kindness can only give away the goods self-love provides."

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