Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Editorial of the day

Dennis Prager on how the Hamas landslide reveals more about the Left than about Palestinians.

In summary: "So the Palestinian vote reveals the falsity of the worldwide Left's view of the Palestinians as committed to peace. It likewise reveals the falsity of the Left's belief that Palestinian terror is supported by a small minority of the Palestinian population."

I don't deny the Israelis have been rough on the Palestinians. But I also recognize that most Palestinians hate Israel more than they love anything, including their own children.

I think it is time to take a hard line with the Palestinians. My suggestion is to give Hamas a deadline to renounce terrorism, disarm, and either accept the current peace plan or suggest a new one. If the deadline passes without Hamas performing all these actions, then the peace process will be called off, and all Palestinian lands will be returned to Israel. All Palestinians will then be forcibly removed from their lands and transferred to another location (France anyone?). End of story.

Of course, the Arab world will kick and scream the whole time. This is yet another reason to get off our dependence on foreign oil.

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