Thursday, January 26, 2006

Whisenhunt to the Raiders? has a report that the Raiders are allegedly waiting until after the Super Bowl to interview Ken Whisenhunt, the Steelers offensive coordinator, for their head coaching job.

Frankly, I would like Whisenhunt's hiring. While there are some question marks surrounding him, I cannot think of a head coaching candidate who doesn't have question marks. Here are what I see as the pros and cons of Whisenhunt:

PROS - The Steeler offense has looked pretty good this year when they have been healthy. Even when they weren't healthy, they weren't terrible. Of course, they're not the Colts. However, they did beat the Colts. And the Broncos. In Denver. Soundly thrashing the Broncos. I like the sound of that.

CONS - How much of the Steeler offense was coaching, and how much was talent? How much of the offensive coaching credit was due to Whisenhunt, not Cowher? Whisenhunt has no head coaching experience in the NFL. How many coordinators have found themselves unable to handle the responsibilities of a head coach (for example, Norv Turner)?

However, there are plenty of great head coaches who have ascended from the coordinator ranks: Lombardi, Landry, and Shula. Among current head coaches, there are Belichick, Cowher, Gruden, Billick, Shanahan, Dungy, and Fisher.

Regardless, I think Whisenhunt is worth taking a chance. I find myself going back to the "soundly thrashing the Broncos in the AFC Championship in Denver". That's worth a LOT of prestige in the Black Hole.

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