Friday, January 20, 2006

Liberal bias on campus

There is an interesting article over at about liberal bias on college campuses. While most of the article is fairly objective, there is a quote at the end of it which shows CNN's bias:

"Rep. Dan Surra, a member of the Pennsylvania committee who has questioned the need for the investigation, said nothing so far has swayed him. Students in his rural district complain about such issues as tuition, but not about professors' biases, the Democrat said.

"I've said it's the educational equivalent of the hunt for Bigfoot," he said."

I cannot imagine why a Democratic politician does not believe there would be liberal bias on college campuses. He probably prefers to think of it as "correct thought".

Of course, if someone were going to complain about liberal bias on a college campus, would they complain to a Democratic politician? That would be like a Jew complaining to Hitler about the conditions at the concentration camp.

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