Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Next Raiders Coach?

To my previous "Black Monday" blog, you can add Jim Haslett and Norv Turner.

With Norv's long overdue firing comes the question: Who will be the next Raiders coach? The current rumored prospects include:

Steve Mariucci: I like Mooch, but I can't say he will be great. However, I would give him the benefit of the doubt. The 49ers front office was messed up when he was there. The Lions had Matt Millen ('nuff said). GRADE: B

Rick Neuheisel: A HUGE question mark. He's never been a pro head coach, and his college results are mixed. That said, not much was known about Jon Gruden's potential when he was hired. GRADE: Unknown

Jim Fassel: On the bright side, Fassel has taken a team to the Super Bowl. On the down side, he lost. And lost. And lost. GRADE: C

Herman Edwards: The lead contender in the Herm Edwards race is currently the Chiefs. So why mention him as a candidate for the Raiders job? Al Davis is just spiteful that way. However, if Al Davis does insert himself into a bidding war with the Chiefs, I doubt he would make more than one offer to the Jets for their coach. Edwards is not a bad candidate, but Davis would never seriously pursue him otherwise. Davis only hires offensive coaches as head coaches. GRADE: B+

Art Shell: Art's name always pops up when the Raiders have a head coaching vacancy because Al Davis said years ago he regretted firing Shell. The truth is Shell's offense was about as vanilla as possible. The one positive about Shell was he usually got the team psyched for the game. GRADE: B

I would love to see the Raiders go after Ron Rivera, the defensive coordinator of the Bears, but I know that won't happen.

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