Friday, January 27, 2006

Schottenheimer to be fired? reports a rumor that Marty Schottenheimer might be fired by the Chargers after all of the NFL head coaching vacancies are filled. They would promote Wade Phillips to replace him.

As a Raider fan, my response is "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." The Chargers with Schottenheimer are two tough games per year for the Raiders. With Phillips, they are two more in the "W" column.

As an NFL fan, my response is "What the heck are they thinking?" Schottenheimer may have shown an inability to get teams to the Super Bowl, but at least he wins games. Occasionally, he even shows some coaching genius, like he did against the Colts this year.

Wade Phillips? His four head coaching jobs were NOT memorable, and that is being kind.

If the Chargers do fire Schottenheimer after all the head coaching vacancies are filled, it will be an incredible act of spite and stupidity on their part. It will definitely prove why Archie Manning did not want Eli playing for the Chargers.

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